Evacuation Chair Training

Evacuation Chair Training

Here at Your The Hero our aim is to:

Ensure that all candidates complete the Course and achieve a level of competence which will inspire others to use the Evacuation Chair confidently under any conditions.

Provide competent in-house trainers who will train Evacuation Chair Operators/Dedicated Escorts to provide assistance to the mobility impaired – enabling them to reach a place of safety in the event of a fire or other emergency.

Ensure that you meet your legal obligations and be kept up-to-date with new regulations and adequately trained in Emergency Escape Procedures for all, including the mobility impaired.

Evacuation chairs help to evacuate immobile or fragile people in an emergency down escape stairs. Correct handling of an evacuation chair is very important to avoid injury or strain. This course trains staff how to correctly, and confidently, use the Evacuation Chair in an emergency situation. A course that lasts about 2 hours, the session includes practical training skills and knowledge, delivered by a professionally qualified trainer.

  • Evacuation Chair training is a legal requirement
  • Evacuation Chair training courses require re-certification every 3 years
  • We come to your site
  • Maximum number of participants – 12
  • A safety check of your chair
  • Hands-on usage involving all trainees under the watchful eye of the trainer
  • A brief explanation of maintenance and service requirements for the chair
  • 2 hour in-house training inclusive of practical assessment
  • Each participant receives a certificate after successfully completing the course

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